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Nuclear Energy Conference 2019


May, 8th 2019, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Linz Ursulinenhof, Upper Austria

Nuclear industry is in crisis: due to steadily increasing safety requirements, the construction of new reactors is only feasible by applying the most outlandish subsidy models and long lead times. As a consequence, there is concern that nuclear power plant operators may be tempted to run existing nuclear plants beyond their assigned lifetime - and thus drastically increasing their risk by prolonging the operating time.

The NEC2019 analyses this problem from several points of view: In addition to a presentation of specific plans in various countries, the risk potential is discussed from a technical point of view and the subject of econonmic (in)efficiency is brought up. The political stategy is highlighted, the legal framework and options for action are set out as well.

Presentations of international experts should raise awareness for the imminent danger and open the discussion for appropriate counter-strategies.

Conference organizers

Anti Atom Komitee

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Mütter gegen Atomgefahr

The Nuclear Energy Conference 2019 is supported by the Province of Upper Austria.